Hi!  I'm Jen Fox, your boudoir photographer!

My journey started out in psychology.  I wanted to help women with self esteem and self worth issues.  Life had other plans for me and my path was diverted elsewhere.  Years later I went back to school for fine art photography and started my career in boudoir photography before I graduated.  At that time I hadn’t quite put together yet that my journey had come full circle, and I was doing exactly what I had intended to do when I started out.  It wasn’t until the tears of happiness and discovery started falling when my clients started to see the photos of themselves that I realized I was changing lives.


Boudoir photography is my heart and soul.  I couldn’t imagine another career that would be more perfect for me.  Helping other women to transform their lives is the most fulfilling thing I’ve ever experienced! 



Who am I and why am I a boudoir photographer?

I'm a wild woman at heart.  I love dancing barefoot around a fire and howling with delight.  I'm fascinated by circus arts: balance training, acro yoga, and dancing with fire and silk.  I like to eat healthy (or try to), listen to good music and laugh as often as possible.  Nature is my church.  When I need solace after a hard day I wander off into the woods or mountains to ground myself.  Travel is my sanity.  I have a burning curiosity to see all the world has to offer.  I have two wonderful rescue dogs that have my heart, Goose & Kaiser. 

-I'm beautiful- 

It took me 33 years to be able to say that.  I've struggled with my self image for as long as I can remember.  These days I'm having WAY more good self image days than bad, and it's been quite a journey to get where I'm at.  I've learned to appreciate what my body does for me, how to show myself love like a lover would, and to embrace the things I perceive as flaws.  I've learned that it's not what I'm seeing in the mirror that I'm reacting to, but how I'm feeling on the inside.  I noticed that one day I would love the way I looked and feel good about myself, then the very next I would feel gross.  Nothing physically changed on my body though!  So I stopped giving the negativity so much weight and started working on identifying and managing my thoughts. 

I would love to bottle up my self love journey and share it with others as much as possible.  That's the reason I'm a boudoir photographer.  I know the pain of not feeling comfortable in your own skin.  I know the freedom and peace that self acceptance brings.  I want every woman to feel that liberation from self doubt.  Boudoir photography offers you a glimpse of how you look through other people's eyes, and that glimpse can change a lot. 

I'm also not naive, I know a boudoir session isn't a cure all, it's just a step in your own transformational journey.  I would be honored if you would like to take that step with me.