Spring has given us the FEVER!!!

The fever to release a ridiculously hot special that will give YOU the fever! The time has finally come for us to release our long awaited super sexy spring special!  You ladies have begged and pleaded, so without further ado here is our spring special!

Breathless Boudoir©(click image to enlarge)

This year's spring special will be hosted in Baton Rouge, Louisiana at a posh new hotel.  Just wait until you see the place!  You'll feel like royalty the moment you step foot in the door!  I was seriously impressed when we went to check it out for the special.  GORGEOUS chandeliers that wouldn't even FIT in my living room, and the perfect blend of modern decor and decadent traditional.  This boutique hotel prides itself on keeping up with local Louisiana decor in the most tasteful way I've ever seen.

When you arrive for your session you will be handed a glass of wine or champagne and simply told to relax as our professional artist gives you a full hair and makeup makeover fit for a goddess.  You will then be whisked away into the shoot where we will guide you into flattering poses with glowing light.  This is the part where you release your inhibitions and let your inner seductress shine through.  The shoot portion will last about an hour and can include up to two outfits (or sets).  What I mean by "sets" is it doesn't necessarily need to be an "outfit"... per se.  It can be you in your birthday suit, fine art style, wrapped in a white sheet, in the glass paned shower, etc.  We can be as creative as you're comfortable with.  By the end of the shoot you will have the confidence only deities are allowed to have.

This amazing deal comes with a product as well.  You will be able to choose two of your favorite photos from your session (trust me, this is the hardest part of the entire session because you will LOVE them all!) and we will have them matted as 5x7's and bound in a silk hard cover.  We're also going to hook you up with 20% off if you want to upgrade to an album or wall art for your home.

All this is for only $350 (which is an amazing deal).

Here's the catch, this special is limited.  It's guaranteed to book up fast.  If you're reading this right now you should step away from the computer, pick up your phone, and call me.  Seriously.  My number is 225-571-3668.  You'll thank me after your session.  And let me know if you prefer wine or champagne when you call. ;)

Talk to you soon! Jen