DON'T CHANGE YOURSELF for a boudoir session!

Boudoir photography should be about who YOU are in this stage of your life.


"What should I wear?  I don't really have any lingerie..."

A huge misconception is that boudoir photography is all about putting on that expensive matching bra, panty and garter set and hiking up the stockings.  While it definitely can be fun to dress up if that's your thing, your boudoir session doesn't have to look like that.  I understand the misconception though, when you google "boudoir photography" most of the photos are about the lingerie, not the person wearing the lingerie.  In my sessions, YOU are the main focus.  Not what you're wearing or the props you bring.  If you feel the most sexy in an oversized t-shirt hanging off your shoulder with plain cotton underwear then THAT is the look that you will be the sexiest in.  I want you to be able to recognize yourself in your photos.  I don't want to fit you in my box of what I think boudoir photography is.  This is why I send out a questionnaire before your session so I can get an idea of who you are, then I'll work with you to help you find the right wardrobe for you.

The most important point that I try to stress to my clients is that your boudoir session should be about YOU.  It should reflect who you are as a person at this point in your life.  You don't have to go out and buy things specifically for your boudoir session unless that's a part of the experience that you really want to have.

"Should I shave everything for my session?"

I think that may be the question that gets me the most when I hear it. My answer to that is "DEAR GOD NO!"

It pains me to think of women feeling like they need to fit themselves into the box of how mainstream media represents women. You don't need to be a certain way, or look a certain way for a boudoir shoot, you just need to be you. Whatever that means to you. If sexy to you is fully shaved then go for it!  Get that full Brazilian and rock that shit! But if you don't typically shave, don't feel like you have to for your session.  The full bush is beautiful!


"I need to lose ____ pounds first..."

This is the most common one I hear.  So many women think they have to fit into the cookie cutter shape of the way the media portrays women, but SO FEW women actually look like that!  That cliche saying "life's too short" fits perfectly right here.  They're called cliches for a reason, right?  Life IS too short to not live your life to the fullest due to some "excess" weight!  I realize this is the main issue that carries the most shame.  Shame about our appearance can be crippling.  It can stop us from putting on a swimsuit to join a pool party or go to the beach.  It can stop us from even going out in public.  Some of you probably cringe at the idea of taking your clothes off in front of a stranger (me) and having photos taken of you.  You fear being judged and being seen.  I totally get that.  It IS terrifying!  In my opinion, it's one of the most radically vulnerable things you can do.  It's in our most vulnerable moments where the biggest transformations take place.

Check out THIS BLOG about a client who booked her second boudoir shoot with me BECAUSE she gained weight.

Even if you don't do a boudoir session, make the decision TODAY to stop letting your weight or appearance stop you from doing the things you want to do.  Make a commitment to yourself, your family and your loved ones RIGHT NOW to show up no matter what.  Drop that exhausting guard you have up and let loose.  Dance when you feel the music moving you, laugh with wild abandon, jump in the pool!


I'm going to Asia!

Hey lovelies! Thursday Max and I are leaving on a jet plane and heading to Asia! We'll be visiting Hong Kong, Xiamen, Okinawa & Nagasaki. I won't be able to answer calls or emails while we're gone, but please feel free to call me and email me anyways! I'll be thrilled to come back to all of your messages wanting to book shoots!!!

I'll be back on the 27th. Until then I'll be sending my love from the other side of the world!!!



HUGE WIN FOR AMERICA TODAY!!! - Same-sex marriage legalized!!!

Same-sex marriage has been legalized in all 50 states!!!! 

Today was a huge win for America history.  On this morning of June 26, 2015 the Supreme court recognized that love comes in a variety of combinations.  Love should not be limited on the basis of gender, but should be freely shared between people who.... well, people who LOVE each other!  No one should have a say in who can be in love except for the people who are in love.  I feel so much love for my fellow humans right now who are celebrating this huge win across the country.


Let's talk about shaving pubic hair.

shaving_pubic_hair I was about 17 years old when my then boyfriend convinced me that shaving my pubic hair was a good idea.  He was a bit of an ass, rough around the edges kinda guy.  Don't get me wrong, he loved me, as much as you can love someone at that age.  His ways of showing it weren't all that healthy, which I didn't realize until many MANY years later.  At that age I hadn't considered shaving ALL of my pubic hair.  Literally.  I gave it no thought.  I trimmed it on the edges so that it wouldn't be seen in a bikini, but I didn't give it much thought beyond that.  That is, I didn't until he mentioned it.  Then I was mortified.  "You should shave your pubes, you look like a hairy monkey".  He would call it... it being my lovely vulva... a gorilla.  He teased me about it.  I was admittedly quite meek in my youth.  I can't remember my response, but I know I didn't say what I should have said, which is "Go to hell".

After I had had enough torment, I shaved my pubic hair.  It was TERRIBLE!!!!  I couldn't figure out for the life of me why the hell anyone would ever do that more than once!  There was intense itching, when I scratched I got angry red bumps.  Once the hair started growing back it tore at the inside of my tender labia, which became sore because it wasn't used to such abuse.  Not to mention it looked like I had reverted back to my pre-pube days, my vulva looked like it belonged to a 12 year old.  I hated it.  He loved it.  Of course.  But when we had sex it hurt, the friction rubbed me raw on the mound where the hair used to protect it.  I was exposed.  I swore I would never do it again.  But of course... I did.

I continued to shave every last bit of pubic hair for over 10 years.  Contorting myself in the shower to reach the hard-to-reach spots that a razor has no place going.  I hated the process of shaving, but like the days before I started shaving I never questioned it once I did it.  It was just what I did.  One day something happened.  I'm not sure what set it off, but I questioned why I shave my pubic hair.  I had grown accustomed to the look of it, so it wasn't that I didn't like it.  It was more like one of those days where my neck is hurting from bending so far over and I mumbled to myself, "why the hell am I doing this?"  Wait a second... why the hell am I doing this?!  Then it hit me like a ton of bricks.  Damnit.  I'm shaving because a teenage boy told me to over a decade ago.  I put the razor down and decided I wouldn't pick it back up.  I would take back ownership of my pubic hair.  I ripped it right out of the clutches of societal standards.  I announced it to my husband, who was supportive, in the beginning.  Once the hair  started filling back in, (which happened faster than I care to admit) I felt triumphant.  Even though, to tell you the honest truth, I wasn't that crazy about it.  It was messy, it looked "dirty" to me.  I showed my new do off to my husband (hiding the uncertainty) and... he didn't like it either.  Not that I can blame him, it went from being all nice and neat with everything on display to being quite unruly and somewhat threatening.  Like a mysterious beast.  Like a... gorilla.  No.  I refuse to let those thoughts creep back into my poisoned mind.  Even though Max wasn't crazy about it, (and I wasn't even sure I was) he fully supported my decision to regrow my bush and understood why I was doing it.  He agreed it must be done.  So it was.

Over the course of the next few years I "let it go".  I kept it trimmed neatly around the edges, but I had a full on, 70's style bush.  It was a masterpiece.  I went full force, no half-assing this one!  If it was going to be done I was going to go all the way!  I ended up falling in love with it.  I felt empowered that I reclaimed that intimate part of my body.  I loved the protection it offered, I never feel fully exposed anymore.  I even loved the look!   I felt like another piece of the pressure from society fell off.  I was no longer shaving just because it was what was expected of me.  Eventually I ended up settling on a style that was about half the size of my full on 70's bush and trimmed so it was so unruly.

I feel like I have won this battle.  If I decided to shave everything off again tomorrow I wouldn't feel like I've lost anything.  I would be shaving it all off because it's MY decision about MY body.  Whatever I do with my pubic hair I'm doing it for me not because someone else thinks it's more attractive.  Which don't get me wrong, it is nice to do a little something special for your partner, but not if it goes against what you feel is right for you.  It wasn't right for me personally because of how I feel about beauty standards being pushed on women (and men) in our society today.  I have nothing against shaved vulvas, as long as it's a personal decision.

Moral of the story, when making a personal decision that is intimate to you, make the decision for you first and foremost.  If it doesn't sit well with you, then don't do it. Don't do something just to "fit in" with societal standards, or because someone told you you should.  Shaving pubic hair should be your decision.


Holiday Boudoir Special!

If you've been on the fence about doing a session, or waiting for the perfect excuse, it's time now.  This holiday boudoir special IS your perfect excuse!  No more, "I just need to lose 5 more pounds".  And I don't want to hear, "I need to meet that special someone who I can do this for".  That special someone that you're doing this for, even if you have a significant other, should be you first and foremost.  Your photos being a gift for a lover is just a bonus.  And STOP the number crunching on the scale and learn to love yourself NOW.  As you are.  Because perfection is not attainable and if you're waiting for that certain size or certain number to be able to love yourself that much more you may miss the chance at loving yourself in this lifetime.  

*EDIT* This deal is now sold out!!!  But contact us to get your photos for Christmas anyways!*

This Living Social deal is available for one more week! So take advantage of this deal before it's (and we're) gone!  It's a bit of a bittersweet celebration for us as this will be our last holiday spent in Louisiana before we move on to new adventures in Charlottesville, Virginia!  We're planning on moving this coming spring.  We'll miss our friends and family more than words can describe.  Neither Max or I have been far from our immediate family at all in our lives.  We're excited for what lies ahead and timorous about what we're leaving behind.  BUT!!!  The good news is we're still coming home as often as possible throughout the year to visit friends and family and we plan on doing boudoir session as well.

This boudoir sale is perfect as a Christmas gift for your husband, OR, fellas, you could buy your wife a session as a special gift for her.  A gift that you will benefit from not only by the photos, but also by her extra boost in confidence!

Feel free to give us a call if you have any questions about the special at 225-571-3668.




Bra Fitting 101

As boudoir photographers we see a lot of undergarments.  A LOT.  Soooo we have an pretty good idea of what works best for photo sessions and what doesn't.  The number one problem that we see with lingerie is FIT!  8 out of 10 women wear the wrong bra size.  If something is not fitted properly it doesn't give you the support you need in the right places.  You either have a muffin top or your bottoms are loose and baggy (which is not flattering in the least!).  Your cups runneth over and (heaven forbid) there's the dreaded back fat, or there's a canyon sized gap between the bra and your breast. The most common mis-fit we see is items that are too small.  Trust me, I get it, we all want to fit into that smaller number or size!  The problem is you're doing yourself a disservice.  If your clothes don't fit you properly, then you end up looking larger than you actually are due to the bulges. Something for small chested ladies to look out for is if you want to get a bra with padding to give the ladies an extra perk, make sure the cup size is correct!  Often times ladies come in with stiff, padded bras that are slightly too big so when the breasts settle down into the cups there is a gap between your breast and the bra.  This is especially a problem during a boudoir session when we shoot from angles above your head.  Honestly, padding isn't necessary and a lot of times you will end up looking sexier just wearing a bra that goes with your natural shape (we can help with cleavage, trust me ;)

"Another issue with fit that we see is just a basic all around wrong size bra. If ladies aren't wearing their proper bra size then their boobs are not getting the right amount of support. Often we help a woman go down a bandwidth size and go up a cup size. Sometimes even a few cup sizes. One clue that your bra isn't fitting right is that your band is sliding up your back. Huge no no." - Bonjour Lingerie

I highly recommend heading over to Bonjour Lingerie in New Orleans on Magazine St.  Their selection varies from practical to super sexy, as well as super sexy practical!  The staff is extremely helpful and knowledgeable, they can get you fitted in the right lingerie with ease.  If you are planning on doing a boudoir session, don't skip this step!  Tell them you're doing a Breathless Boudoir session and you'll get a discount.

This video shows a simple tutorial to follow on sizing yourself.  You can visit the website HERE for more information. [youtube]

Agent Provocateur's new video

A client of ours (that will be in our next blog post) shared this video with us.  It is... quite naughty... in the best way possible!  This is basically every client that comes to us.  We give people a space to come and be themselves, whatever that may be, and permission to be gorgeous and flaunt it. Thank you Agent Provocateur for this video!!!


New Orleans Boudoir

I am SOOO beyond excited about this upcoming promotion in New Orleans!  After spending hours combing through all the sexy hotels New Orleans has to offer (trust me, there's a lot!) we have finally settled on Hotel Royal.  Man, it was a tough choice!  Hotel Royal won in the end because of the decadent mixture of sleek modern decor with lush wood floors.  I mean, seriously, look at this room!

And just look at all that light that is going to bathe everything in its soft glow! Heaven?  I think so!

Even more exciting for all of our beautiful fans and clients, for the first time ever we're offering an on-location session in New Orleans for the price of an in studio session in Baton Rouge!  Yeah, maybe we're a little crazy... but look at that room!!!  I already have TONS of ideas in mind for that bed!  Max and I will definitely be competing to see who gets the best photo, ha ha!

Ahem... I'm getting carried away about the room.  Back to the promotion.  So for two days only, we're offering sessions for $250 less than usual.  Forget that silly 15% off nonsense!  I know these sessions are going to book up fast!  Depending on how this round goes, we may do specials like these every so often for client appreciation, we love you gals! So even if you can't make these dates, let us know if you're interested so we'll know for the future.  And if you want in on this sweet and scandalous deal, call NOW to book your session before they're all booked up!

Jen's cell: 225.571.3668

See ya in New Orleans! ~Jen

Breathless Beauty Sessions

For those of you who are on the fence about doing a boudoir session with Breathless Boudoir but aren't quite ready to get down to your skivvies, a beauty session is perfect for you. Beauty sessions focus on real portraits of you. You still get the goddess treatment from our staff of artists. Beauty sessions can also be shared with a friend, sister or relative if you would like to have photos with someone dear to you. This lovely lady is Lauren. She just got married to the love of her life on April 22, 2012.