Keeping the spark over 50+!

Beautifully sensual couple’s boudoir session 50+

I was so excited to meet Samantha & Dwayne for their shoot from the very first email. One of the first things I said to Sam after reading their questionnaire was that I wanted to make a study out of their relationship because they’re so ridiculously in love with each other it makes me swoon! To my surprise, and delight, I found out that they are planning to create a business together to help other 50+ couples keep their romance alive through education and play!

Whaaaaat?!?! How awesome is that! Don’t worry, I’ll definitely be posting about their business once it’s launched!


What was your biggest fear before the session? Did your fear come true, and if not, what happened instead?

I happen to not be into make-up -- nothing against it, it's just not for me, even when I'm dressed up. And I really wanted to recognize myself in the photos. I was worried my partner would be disappointed and that even I would be disappointed with the final results. Jen talked it out with us in a way that made me feel understood AND assured me that my choice wouldn't keep her from being able to take great photos. I gave it more thought and stuck with what felt right for me, but still felt unsure . Turned out I could not be more thrilled with our photos - maybe I have a few kind genes and definitely Jen understands lighting and posing. (Sam chose not to have her hair & makeup done).


What was your favorite part of your Breathless Boudoir experience and why?

The guided preparation and anticipation was fun -- the questionnaire and timed tips generated lots of interesting discussions. The whole process was titillating and romantic. Meeting Jen in advance was exciting because she had lots of questions and ideas for us to consider. And comforting too because Jen told us lots about herself and other shoots so our trust had something and someone to latch on to. The shoot itself was The Favorite. Wait - seeing the pictures after, all the oohing and ahhing. Wait - getting our book.....

We opened the book together yesterday. It feels like rock solid take it to court proof of what we have, and who we are together. It was a glorious Told Ya So to ourselves. We've been glamorized by your expertise with poses and lighting and Enlightening (your earnest and upbeat and easy assuring all along the way -- the aura you construct is so real and wonderful), and it really is us -- we are so pleased.


How would your describe your experience to your best friend?

You mean how WILL I? Because it would be wrong not to share! "This might shock you, but I've discovered something that every sexual couple should get to enjoy!....." I would be coy about details because like sex acts themselves, part of the fun is the secrecy. But I will definitely encourage friends to celebrate their romance this way.


What do you want to take with you from this experience and never forget?

My partner and I are in the kind of love that makes every romantic song seem like it was written specifically for us. We have that ideal relationship, being together feels like home at the same time it feels like a trip to Paris -- and to the moon! Our love deserves to be celebrated, honored, treasured. It's like what people expect from weddings, only better because it's a huge experience that we get to enjoy all to ourselves.


Would you do it again?

Hell, yes! We're going to do an outdoor session!