Knocking on 50!!! ~Boudoir Photoshoot~

Our client, Cindy, mentioned to Max and I that she would like her shoot to be titled "Knocking on 50". She's nearing 50 years old, and wanted to do a Breathless Boudoir photoshoot as a memento of matured beauty at this age. She got a personal trainer and busted her butt to get in shape for the shoot. It paid off and the boudoir shoot was a nice reward for all her hard work! This is a photoshoot that meant a lot to both Max and I. Working with Cindy was absolutely amazing! The results we got not only meant the world to her, but they meant to world to us as well. I will be posting photos of her album soon as well! Fine Art Boudoir Photography located in Baton Rouge, Lousisiana