New Orleans Boudoir

I am SOOO beyond excited about this upcoming promotion in New Orleans!  After spending hours combing through all the sexy hotels New Orleans has to offer (trust me, there's a lot!) we have finally settled on Hotel Royal.  Man, it was a tough choice!  Hotel Royal won in the end because of the decadent mixture of sleek modern decor with lush wood floors.  I mean, seriously, look at this room!

And just look at all that light that is going to bathe everything in its soft glow! Heaven?  I think so!

Even more exciting for all of our beautiful fans and clients, for the first time ever we're offering an on-location session in New Orleans for the price of an in studio session in Baton Rouge!  Yeah, maybe we're a little crazy... but look at that room!!!  I already have TONS of ideas in mind for that bed!  Max and I will definitely be competing to see who gets the best photo, ha ha!

Ahem... I'm getting carried away about the room.  Back to the promotion.  So for two days only, we're offering sessions for $250 less than usual.  Forget that silly 15% off nonsense!  I know these sessions are going to book up fast!  Depending on how this round goes, we may do specials like these every so often for client appreciation, we love you gals! So even if you can't make these dates, let us know if you're interested so we'll know for the future.  And if you want in on this sweet and scandalous deal, call NOW to book your session before they're all booked up!

Jen's cell: 225.571.3668

See ya in New Orleans! ~Jen