Roller Derby girls are SEXY!!!




This is Jo.  She's on the Red Stick Roller Derby team in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  She kicks some serious a**.  One thing about roller derby girls is they are ALL drop dead sexy!!!  I couldn't figure it out at first, I kept asking myself, "Why do all these girls just exude sexiness?"  The it hit me... confidence.  They have all mastered confidence.  As a roller derby girl, you kinda have to have a great deal of confidence to put on those shorts and wheels to speed around a rink butting up to a bunch of other (equally confident and sexy) girls.  

You can see the confidence in Jo's eyes, and in the way she holds herself.  She embodies that fierce determination that can take over the world.  Yet she also has a feminine softness about her that could just melt your heart!  We enjoyed working with Jo to capture both of these aspects of her personality.  She was so much fun!