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©2013 Breathless Boudoir | Jen & Max Trombly©2013 Breathless Boudoir | Jen & Max TromblyThese are a few photos from playing around with photographing pole dancing, aka pole fitness.  This was just a practice run to see how it would be to light it.  We're planning on offering a pole photography day in the near future, so contact me if you're interested in doing a pole session! And if you're interested in taking some pole classes (which I highly suggest every woman try at least once) you can book classes at Teaze Fitness through their website  and you can find them on Facebook.

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I took some pole dancing fitness classes!!!! | Teaze Fitness, Baton Rouge

Breathless_Teaze_025_FB_cover"Today you're going to learn how to do this" says the instructor as she grabs the pole and her body glides through the air  with her feet pointing straight up towards the ceiling, head to the floor.  "it's called an inversion".... "Ha! Yeah.... right!" was my first thought.    After being in a car accident 6 years ago (wow, has it really been that long?) and injuring my neck, I lost most of my muscle mass in my upper body because everything I did hurt. After being a super weakling for the last 6 years (I used to be quite strong) I thought enough of this, I'm going to do something about it!  I'm not a fan of working out, at all, so I wanted to find something that was fun but gave me a good workout.  In comes Teaze Fitness in Baton Rouge !  When I went to my first few classes at Teaze Fitness  I didn't think I would be able to do anything, but I just had to see what all this talk about pole dance fitness was about! So I went.  I was a little nervous, but everyone there made me feel so unbelievably comfortable.  Everyone there, instructor and classmates, were like my personal cheerleaders.  The ladies who work out at Teaze are so stinking nice!  I was afraid that I would be judged for being so weak and not being able to do anything, but it was quite the opposite.  Everyone in class helps everyone else.  It's pretty awesome. The classes start off with a "light" warmup (which had me bitching and moaning within the first minute) where they really push you to do as much as you can do, but to not overdo it. The instructors get your blood moving with jumping jacks then work on building up your core muscles with a series of exercises using your own body weight and the pole.  Then you climb the pole a couple of times, which is a workout all in itself. Next it's time to work on whatever moves you've been learning, which is the FUN part!

The hour class went by so fast and I never felt like I was working out, which is exactly the kind of workout I wanted.  I honestly didn't even think I got much of a workout at first.  BOY was I ever WRONG!  I don't think I've ever been so sore in my life!  Every single class makes me sore in the most awesome way.

So back to the inversion I mentioned in the beginning.  The instructor broke it down for us step by step while we jammed out.  I took a deep breath with the pole at my side and swung my leg up as hard as I could and my toes actually grazed the pole! "Wow, I think I might actually be able to do this!" The second time I threw my leg up over my head towards the pole I wrapped all my toes around it and hung on like a monkey while I shimmied my body closer to the pole to wrap my thighs around it.  I did it.  I DID IT.  I FREAKING DID IT!!!  I felt an overwhelming sense of accomplishment.  I doubted myself and my body's abilities, and I proved myself wrong.  Every single time I go to Teaze fitness I regain a little bit more faith in myself and what I can physically do.  I feel like I trust myself a little more, whereas before I was treating myself as a fragile, broken thing... not able to handle hardly anything.  Learning the tricks is empowering!