You need to know this badass woman.

And her lingerie shop in DC.

(Trust me, you’ll thank me later.)

Meet Stephanie, owner of Le Bustiere Boutique in Washington DC and TOTAL badass at helping women feel sexy in the perfect lingerie.

Meet Stephanie, owner of Le Bustiere Boutique in Washington DC and TOTAL badass at helping women feel sexy in the perfect lingerie.

I had a lingerie experience yesterday that I never knew existed!

Let me start by saying that I have no affiliation with Le Bustiere Boutique, I’m not getting paid to write this blog. I just love singing the praises of people running businesses that I admire!

My friend and I wanted to peruse lingerie stores in DC to see what there was to offer my clients for boudoir photoshoots. We had went into several stores and felt just ok about things, and then we stepped into Le Bustiere Boutique. As soon as I stepped through the door I knew I was in the right place. Gorgeous natural light spilled through the window, illuminating the lace textured walls and… the best part… the most unique AND SEXY lingerie I’ve seen curated in one place before! And I never knew lingerie shopping could be so much fun! We talked about it for the rest of the day!


I was absolutely blown away by Stephanie’s (the owner) passion for the variety of lingerie she carries in her beautiful store. Not only does she source the finest…. not. even. kidding… lingerie pieces that she hand selects from Paris, causing her collection of lingerie to be the most unique I’ve laid my eyes on, but she also is very aware of body diversity and carries obscure, hard-to-find sizes from 30A-46K. Stephanie’s team will measure you for a proper fitting and then bring you a variety of sizes and styles to try on that support you and your body shape in all the right ways.

Small ribcage with full/small breasts?

You may typically have a hard time finding a bra with a band that fits snug enough and cups that can still contain your breasts. Stephanie has you covered! There are hard-to-find sizes like 30E that might be just the trick for you! And if you have a small cup and small ribcage and you’re looking for that tantalizingly sexy piece that fits like a glove, I guarantee you Stephanie and her team knows the perfect set for you.

Large cup size and you’re used to settling?

On bras that aren’t all that sexy because most designers think… what is it that they’re thinking exactly? That women with large breasts only want “practical” bras and aren’t concerned with being sexy?! I can write a whole blog post on what I think about that!!! Stephanie disagrees with that concept as well and carries BEAUTIFUL and sexy bras in sizes up to 46K! As I was asking about the styles she carries in larger cup sizes, she pulled out this gorgeous black sheer bra that had full “coverage” (as in the sheer covered the whole breast for support, but nothing would actually be “covered”). It was fiercely sexy!

I was insanely excited to see this because one of the biggest complaints I hear from my curvy clients who want to explore taking more risqué photos is that there aren’t many options for lingerie that’s actually sexy in the bigger cup sizes.

Not afraid to stand out!

Much like myself, Stephanie is a fan of the more risqué lingerie (proof of my love of the risqué here). She carries the sexiest pieces out there! From black strappy bondage-inspired pieces and the good-lord-I-want-to-photograph-it-all super sheer, to the elegant lace and oh-my-god-how-can-I-love-something-so-much velvet mixed with sheer bustiers.

All these reasons above are why I think Le Bustiere Boutique is the perfect place to shop to find lingerie for your boudoir photoshoot. I can’t stress enough how important it is for what you where for your boudoir session to be an extension of your personality, and at Le Bustiere there is so much variety that you’re sure to find something that fits whatever facet of your personality that you want to express PERFECTLY. I was blown away by the customer service, the selection, and the size range of Le Bustiere. I can not recommend them enough!!! It’s the perfect lingerie store in Washington DC.

Tell you what…

I believe in what Stephanie is doing with her lingerie shop SO MUCH, (and I’m completely and utterly in love with her lingerie and want to photograph it all) that I’ll give any woman who purchases a matching bra and panty set, bodysuit, robe, corset or gown from Le Bustiere Boutique a

-$200 photo credit-

toward a boudoir photoshoot with me. (This can go toward a couple’s shoot as well). I just know firsthand how unbelievably sexy the right lingerie can make you feel, and I want that for YOU! Especially for your boudoir shoot, your confidence from your experience will be life changing. If you want to go shopping for your boudoir shoot but are nervous to go alone, let me know! I’d love to join you! I could use another excuse to go back to Le Bustiere!

A sneak peek…

Below is a short video from Le Bustiere Boutique’s Instagram to give you an idea of what magic lay inside the store. I can’t even stop drooling over this lingerie, and how much I love this place! I’m already planning my next trip back! If you’re going let me know! And make sure you follow them on IG so you can keep up with the fabulous new pieces they add to their stock! Because some of their sets are so unique, their extremely limited and once they’re gone, that’s all there is. That’s the upside AND the downside of Stephanie curating her collection from the Parisian Artisans. =)


I had to come back to edit this blog because I completely forgot to even mention the BRIDAL LINGERIE SELECTION! Most bridal lingerie that I see offered here in the states is soft, sweet and innocent, upholding the image of the virgin bride. If you’re getting married and you don’t fit into the “virgin bride” box, you need to go to Le Bustiere! That’s all I’m going to say about that, you’ll just have to go and see for yourself!

Blanche's Boudoir Session | Baton Rouge, LA

©2014 Breathless Boudoir | Jen & Max Trombly Blanche came in to our studio to create a boudoir book as a gift for her fiancé on their wedding day.  We created art that she loves so much she ended up getting the album AND some wall art!  I can't wait to see her images in print form!

What was your biggest fear before the session? Did your fear come true, and if not, what happened instead? I was worried that the shoot would not be tastefully done. This fear did NOT come true. I felt comfortable having both the husband and wife team there! I was worried that because the session is for my fiancé and has sexual undertones that it may be cheapened in a way. This was totally not the case. I felt confident and comfortable the whole time and felt really good about myself.

What was your favorite part of your Breathless Boudoir experience and why?I loved having all the various layouts and areas to shoot. It was fun moving from room to room because I was surprised by every setting.


©2014 Breathless Boudoir | Jen & Max Trombly©2014 Breathless Boudoir | Jen & Max Trombly If you were to recommend us to your best friend, what would you say?I would say it was a tremendous experience that all women should do. It made me feel confident and sexy which is hard for me a lot of the time. All women need that boost.

©2014 Breathless Boudoir | Jen & Max Trombly ©2014 Breathless Boudoir | Jen & Max Trombly ©2014 Breathless Boudoir | Jen & Max Trombly ©2014 Breathless Boudoir | Jen & Max TromblyWould you do it again? Of course!

We have found that testimonials from past clients help to ease potential clients nerves. Can you take a minute to tell us about your experience as if you were talking to a friend?

From the minute you walk in you are greeted by a friendly husband and wife team who escort you to get primped and pampered. While you have your hair and makeup done, you sip champagne! They help you select outfits which will work best for them and you (so bring a ton of lingerie, stockings and shoes!) You will be truly amazed at the transformation your hair and makeup gives you and you'll be ready for your shoot to start. Once it begins you have some small jitters and insecurities but they quickly fade away while you enjoy feeling like a supermodel. They give you plenty of direction, so those of you who feel like you never know what to do with your hands or have a lifetime of being un-photogenic, don't worry! It was a terrific experience and my fiancé loved the preview picture that I sent him. It is all well worth it! Enjoy yourself!

©2014 Breathless Boudoir | Jen & Max Trombly ©2014 Breathless Boudoir | Jen & Max TromblyFor more information or to book your own session, call us at 225-571-3668 or visit our website at www.breathlessboudoir.com.  We look forward to hearing from you!

<3 Jen

Erica's Boudoir Session | Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Erica is an extraordinary woman whom I found very inspiring.  She has been through some really rough stuff, but was given a new chance at life and has not taken it for granted.  Her personality had so much spunk that it inspired me to try new things with her, particularly in the fine art nudes section. ©2014 Breathless Boudoir | Jen & Max Trombly

©2014 Breathless Boudoir | Jen & Max Trombly ©2014 Breathless Boudoir | Jen & Max Trombly ©2014 Breathless Boudoir | Jen & Max Trombly ©2014 Breathless Boudoir | Jen & Max Trombly ©2014 Breathless Boudoir | Jen & Max Trombly ©2014 Breathless Boudoir | Jen & Max Trombly ©2014 Breathless Boudoir | Jen & Max Trombly ©2014 Breathless Boudoir | Jen & Max Trombly ©2014 Breathless Boudoir | Jen & Max TromblyA few words from Erica:

I would definitely recommend Breathless Boudoir to anyone. Any shape size style of person. It's completely customized to fit you.  Jen and Max do an amazing job of making you feel totally comfortable and beautiful. As well as incredible photos that will last a lifetime.


To schedule your own boudoir session, or for more information, call us at 225-571-3668 or visit our website at www.breathlessboudoir.com.  Hope to hear from you soon!



Lacy's Baton Rouge Boudoir Session

"This shoot and the photographers single handedly made me feel like I was a work of art! Luckily they captured these artful and beautiful moments so I can share it with someone special! It's not just a session that the only result is beautiful photographs... It's a experience that gives you enough self confidence to last a lifetime!" Lacy

©2014 Breathless Boudoir | Jen & Max Trombly ©2014 Breathless Boudoir | Jen & Max Trombly©2014 Breathless Boudoir | Jen & Max Trombly   "My favorite part was just a heightened sense of confidence that I felt just as we began to shoot. I felt a feeling of artistry, raw feminine confidence, and honestly I felt like I looked hot!" ©2014 Breathless Boudoir | Jen & Max Trombly ©2014 Breathless Boudoir | Jen & Max Trombly©2014 Breathless Boudoir | Jen & Max Trombly"Right after the shoot wrapped, I called my best friend! I told her it was the best photo shoot experience of my life! Better than the feeling I got from doing my bridals! My original intentions were for this to be a gift to my husband, but the experience from the shoot and the new gained confidence I have, I think it is a gift to myself as well!" ©2014 Breathless Boudoir | Jen & Max Trombly ©2014 Breathless Boudoir | Jen & Max Trombly ©2014 Breathless Boudoir | Jen & Max Trombly ©2014 Breathless Boudoir | Jen & Max TromblyTo book a session or for more information call 225-571-3668.  You can also visit our website at www.breathlessboudoir.com

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What to Wear for Your Boudoir Photo Shoot

So you've booked your boudoir session!  

Now the biggest question looms in your mind...what to wear to your boudoir photo shoot? A common mistake many make when planning their boudoir session is thinking that boudoir is only one thing: matching lingerie sets.  This is not the case at all!  Your boudoir session should be all about YOU first and foremost.  You should feel completely comfortable in what you're wearing (unless you're going for the uncomfortable stuff) and it should make you feel sexy!  Don't feel like you have to fit yourself into the box of what most people are doing for their boudoir sessions.  BE YOU!  Whether that means going all out for the full lingerie set, garter belt, stockings and high heels or simply barefoot with cotton undies and a t-shirt.

The focus of your session should be you, not your wardrobe or props.  Keep patterns to a minimum as they can be distracting.  Bright colors can be as well, but sometimes bright colors truly fit certain personalities. It all depends on you. Your outfits will determine the look and feel for your session, so keep that in mind when you're choosing.  Do you want your session to feel more dark and mysterious, or would you prefer light and airy?  If you feel like you have multiple facets of your personality consider doing multiple sessions and changing the hair and makeup as well. If you're planning on purchasing prints or canvases for your home, consider the colors in the rooms where you want to hang things.  Choose colors that will compliment your decor.  (and make sure to measure your wall space before your session!)

Let's dive into some wardrobe options:

Matching set

The matching lingerie set is one of our most common wardrobe options.  You can't go wrong with matching bra and panties, and they come in endless options.  Solid black /white is classic and timeless.  The most important consideration for the matching set is to make sure it fits right.  That goes for everything on this list, actually.  If you go a size down from what you should wear, it will create bulges under the bra band and around the underwear band.  I've never met a woman who has referred to the "muffin top" affectionately, so be sure it fits right!  If you're not sure, ask an associate to measure you.  Click here for our blog and a video on getting the proper fit.

Chemises & Baby-dolls

The chemise and babydoll are great options for those who are concerned with the midriff section... which is probably the majority of us.  They can be incredibly sexy but still give you that comfort of feeling covered.  It's not always about the "less is more" motto, it's about what you feel good in. Slips fall under this category as well, if you need extra support consider a shape-wear slip.

Corsets & Bustiers

Again, for those concerned with the midriff section, corsets and bustiers can be your best friend!  They cinch in your waist helping to create the curves you want.  The one down side to corsets is also the benefit, they're incredibly tight!  This makes some poses difficult, as well as breathing.  Corsets can also flatten out your chest making you look smaller up top.  This is where bustiers really shine, they have cups that enhance your cleavage while still cinching your waist.  There are also cup-less options for those of you who are going for more risque photos as well as waist cinches.  You can find great quality corsets at Bonjour Lingerie in New Orleans.  Jill, one of the owners, also makes custom corsets if you want a corset that fits you like a glove.

Your Man's Clothes

If you doing your session as a gift for your man, you could bring something of his to add a personal touch.  The button down dress shirt and tie combo has become incredibly popular.  Shirts that are larger than the size you would normally wear work best so that you can have the shirt off your shoulders and still pull it all the way around you.  You can also try thinking outside of the box.  Does he have a favorite band shirt?  Pajama pants?  Trousers and suspenders?  Get personal!

T-Shirts & Sweaters

One of my favorite things that clients bring in, which may sound crazy, is a big t-shirt that hangs off the shoulder.  T-shirts are the exception to the "no prints" rule, the ones with big graphics or words on them photograph really well.  Pairing a t-shirt or tank top with a bra and panty set, or just cotton undies, is a great way to slink into the next set with a little strip tease!


We're pretty much minimalists when it comes to accessories.  It's easy to overwhelm your look with over-the-top jewelry in addition to an elaborate outfit.  Be careful when pairing your accessories with outfits taking care not to go overboard.  If you're wearing a big, chunky necklace, smaller earrings may be better.  If you're a fashionista and never leave the house without being fully accessorized then go for it!  But if you don't typically wear a lot of jewelry don't feel like you have to go out and buy some for your session. Fur coats (real or fake) and masks can be a lot of fun for a session. If your boudoir photos will be a gift to your groom on your wedding day, you can bring in your veil as an accessory.  While some outfits definitely call for the finishing touches of accessories, some accessories definitely call out to be the only thing on you in the photo.

Nothing at all!

Truly one of my favorites, the birthday suit!  Don't worry though, just because you're completely nude in the photos doesn't mean you have to show everything if the thought of that terrifies you.  We can wrap you in a sheet and only show what you want, or you can go all out!  How much you show, or don't show, is completely up to you.  A lot of clients have told us that the nude portion of their session was the most liberating part!  Artistic nudes can be a great way to focus on capturing your femininity in a beautiful and timeless way.  Our fine art nudes make great additions to home decor!  If you're interested in fine art nude prints or canvases for your home, be sure to let us know in advance so that we can shoot for wall art.  And again, don't forget to measure your wall space before your session!

If you have any questions at all about what to wear for your session, please don't hesitate to give us a call!  We would be more than happy to discuss your wardrobe options and the look you're going for.  The more prepared you are for your session, the better.  Typically we photograph up to 3 outfits or sets, but we recommend bringing a couple extra outfits just in case.

To book a session or for more information call 225-571-3668.  You can also visit our website at www.breathlessboudoir.com

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Sarah's Boudoir Session | Baton Rouge, LA

Sarah did her boudoir session as a gift for her groom for their wedding.  Right before her session her bridesmaids took her to Miami for a bachelorette party and the poor thing got so sun burnt!  We pushed the session back (because lobster boudoir isn't very attractive, lol).  Our wonderful makeup artist (Tina with Verde Beauty) helped even out her skin and she looked GORGEOUS!  Absolutely glowing! We were honored to create a memorable gift for her new husband!!!

©2013 Breathless Boudoirbreathless_boudoir_Sar_001 ©2013 Breathless Boudoir ©2013 Breathless Boudoir ©2013 Breathless Boudoir

Leah's Boudoir Session | Baton Rouge, LA

Leah does fitness competitions and works hard on her body (and it shows)!  She is also an enthusiastic entrepreneur owning 3 local gyms.  All that on top of being a mother of two as well as a wife!   She was really fun to photograph and super sweet! Before and after transformation makeover©2013 Breathless Boudoir©2013 Breathless Boudoir©2013 Breathless Boudoir©2013 Breathless Boudoir©2013 Breathless Boudoir©2013 Breathless Boudoir©2013 Breathless Boudoir©2013 Breathless Boudoirbreathless_boudoir_Leah_008

WARNING: This post is extra spicy!

Meggan was another (very exciting) addition to the "Breathless in New Orleans" special.  Her session was extra hot!  Think 50 Shades of Grey, but even hotter! I'll just let the photos speak for themselves...

Meggan_before_after boudoir Meggan_0091 new orleans boudoir Meggan_0164 new orleans boduoir  Meggan_0182 new orleans boduoir Meggan_0202 Breathless boudoirMeggan_0552_BW Breathless boudoir   Meggan_0582_BW Breathless boudoir Meggan_0672 Breathless boudoirHair and makeup by Verde Beauty Studio.

Monique's Boudoir Session in New Orleans!!

Where do I even start with Monique?  She jumped on board the Breathless in New Orleans promotion and we instantly fell in love with this woman!  She is so full of personality and genuine awesomeness!  She had great spunk and the best ideas the whole time.  From 70's style shorts and sexy sunglasses to vintage inspired styling, she rocked it!  We were tickled to find out she blogged about her experience.  (You can find her blog here.)

"This month I did a photo shoot with Max and Jen of Breathless Boudoir.  I’ll be more posting pictures soon! Once I arrived at the hotel, I felt like a Movie Star. The makeup artist sat me down to do my makeup and then it was hair and outfits (or lack thereof). Before I go any further, I’m sure a lot of you are wondering ‘what boudoir photography even is’. Well, from the lovely Wikipedia, here is an explanation: Typically shot in a photographer’s studio or luxury hotel suites, it has become fashionable to create a set of sensual or sexually suggestive images of women (and occasionally men and couples) in “boudoir style”. The most common manifestation of contemporary boudoir photography is to take variations of candid and posed photographs of the subject partly clothed or in lingerie. Nudity is more often implied than explicit. Now that you know what the hell I did, I can explain to you how SPECTAC Max and Jen were as a duo! I don’t mind being naked, so I wasn’t really too nervous but they still made me feel so comfortable. I believe every person should do a boudoir photo shoot. It’s not at all just putting on lingerie and posing in front of a camera. It’s not a playboy shoot. It’s fun. It’s sexy. Most importantly, it’s self-enriching. I suffer from depression. I’ve accepted it. I take medicine for it. No medicine in the world could give me the confident and happiness I got when I did this photo shoot. They take every flaw you’ve ever thought you had and make you see it as beautiful. You truly come out a new person after the session. It wasn’t just the luxury hotel suite or the hair and makeup stylists; it was when I saw the pictures. I had no IDEA my tits looked that amazing or I can be THAT sexy. I don’t really like my legs but they look BEAUTIFUL. After seeing those pictures, I saw that I not only have a beautiful personality but I am also a beautiful person outside. I am truly blessed with beauty.. each and every one of us are and shouldn’t think any less."

It's clients like this that give us the drive to do what we do (and make Max and I BOTH tear up like babies!!)  I couldn't imagine having a more fulfilling job in the world.  I feel like we are giving women permission to see themselves as beautiful, and to flaunt it.  Most of all, we are giving women permission to feel comfortable in their own skin.