Oh my that's ME!!! Shot by Sharelle Studios!

So as I mentioned last week, Max and I went to Shreveport recently to give Sharelle the gentle push she needed to produce more tastefully erotic work (her blog about it here).  While we were there, she photographed ME for practice.  I've been shot many times before, but it never fails that I get nervous every. single. time. No idea why, I just do.  And I know it's ridiculous and silly and yadda yadda, I know I'll be fine, just like I always tell my own clients (who are also almost always nervous). Alas, in the end I LOOOVE the photos!  I knew I would, I love Sharelle's work.

So, without further ado, here I am! (Is it crazy that I'm even nervous about posting my own photos?!  Sheesh!)

01_Jen -484

02_Jen -388 03_Jen -498 04_Jen -173 05_Jen -312 06_Jen -326 07_Jen -200 08_Jen -275 09_Jen -100 10_Jen -141 11_Jen -234