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Breathless_Teaze_025_FB_cover"Today you're going to learn how to do this" says the instructor as she grabs the pole and her body glides through the air  with her feet pointing straight up towards the ceiling, head to the floor.  "it's called an inversion".... "Ha! Yeah.... right!" was my first thought.    After being in a car accident 6 years ago (wow, has it really been that long?) and injuring my neck, I lost most of my muscle mass in my upper body because everything I did hurt. After being a super weakling for the last 6 years (I used to be quite strong) I thought enough of this, I'm going to do something about it!  I'm not a fan of working out, at all, so I wanted to find something that was fun but gave me a good workout.  In comes Teaze Fitness in Baton Rouge !  When I went to my first few classes at Teaze Fitness  I didn't think I would be able to do anything, but I just had to see what all this talk about pole dance fitness was about! So I went.  I was a little nervous, but everyone there made me feel so unbelievably comfortable.  Everyone there, instructor and classmates, were like my personal cheerleaders.  The ladies who work out at Teaze are so stinking nice!  I was afraid that I would be judged for being so weak and not being able to do anything, but it was quite the opposite.  Everyone in class helps everyone else.  It's pretty awesome. The classes start off with a "light" warmup (which had me bitching and moaning within the first minute) where they really push you to do as much as you can do, but to not overdo it. The instructors get your blood moving with jumping jacks then work on building up your core muscles with a series of exercises using your own body weight and the pole.  Then you climb the pole a couple of times, which is a workout all in itself. Next it's time to work on whatever moves you've been learning, which is the FUN part!

The hour class went by so fast and I never felt like I was working out, which is exactly the kind of workout I wanted.  I honestly didn't even think I got much of a workout at first.  BOY was I ever WRONG!  I don't think I've ever been so sore in my life!  Every single class makes me sore in the most awesome way.

So back to the inversion I mentioned in the beginning.  The instructor broke it down for us step by step while we jammed out.  I took a deep breath with the pole at my side and swung my leg up as hard as I could and my toes actually grazed the pole! "Wow, I think I might actually be able to do this!" The second time I threw my leg up over my head towards the pole I wrapped all my toes around it and hung on like a monkey while I shimmied my body closer to the pole to wrap my thighs around it.  I did it.  I DID IT.  I FREAKING DID IT!!!  I felt an overwhelming sense of accomplishment.  I doubted myself and my body's abilities, and I proved myself wrong.  Every single time I go to Teaze fitness I regain a little bit more faith in myself and what I can physically do.  I feel like I trust myself a little more, whereas before I was treating myself as a fragile, broken thing... not able to handle hardly anything.  Learning the tricks is empowering!




Katy's White Sheet Session! | Baton Rouge Boudoir

Katy applied for our model call.  In her words, it was a "what the hell, it couldn't hurt" kinda thing.  Later she said that she didn't expect to get picked at all (which is what everyone has said so far, lol).  It was an immediate yes for us.  Her reasoning sold us completely on the idea and we wanted to help her in her mission to educate people that just because she's in a wheelchair doesn't mean she's not sexy.  She is HELLA sexy!  As shown in the photos.  ;)   What was your biggest fear before the session? Did your fear come true, and if not, what happened instead?

Since I was picked for the "model call," one of my big worries was actually disappointing Jen & Max. I feared they wouldn't get what was wanted and/or needed from the shoot. I have the inner cynic that most women have about what they dislike about their bodies (my nose is too big, I'll never have a flat stomach, I have the legs and hips of a 12 year old boy), but then being paralyzed brings another load of flaws and self confidence issues to worry about. I stalked...uhmm, I mean, scoured ;) their Facebook, website, blog, & pinterest leading up to the appointment. When I looked at the gorgeous women and their bowed backs and long-legged, high heeled feet arched just so, I had distinct moments of "Oh God, this is never going to work." "They are going to wish they went with someone else." "I'm going to look so stupid" But it did work... 200 times better than I could have imagined. Jen & Max are fantastic. I never felt inferior or limited in posing. Even in the one or two times I had to say I didn't have have the balance for something, or that position wasn't going to work, there was no awkward hesitation. It was a quick "no problem," and off to the next direction. I loved that they didn't simply ask you to pose. Oh, how laughable those pictures would have turned out. They guided me through the process seamlessly. It was a lot easier to get out of my own head and listen to their directions than I thought. Following their cues helped to shush the voice that said 'You probably look like an idiot' or 'how big is that extra pudge of skin right now.'.

©2013 Breathless Boudoir | Jen & Max TromblyWhat was your favorite part of your Breathless Boudoir experience and why?

Being in a wheelchair my entire life, I've gotten an array of comments about myself from people. Most of it is well intentions, some strange, some borderline impolite. It's hard not to let insecurities take over when someone wants to "heal" you outside of a movie theater, been asked if you had friends on more than one occasion, and told "You're hot but in a wheelchair." I feel like society sometimes has a hard time recognizing me as an adult, much less as a real woman. Problem is, people aren't even trying to be mean. Even without factoring in the otherworldly perfection of supermodels and celebrities, when is the last time that someone in a wheelchair has been portrayed as sexy or simply physically beautiful in the media? The foremost reason for stepping out of my comfort zone to apply to the model call and doing the shoot was to prove to myself first and then others that there was an inner vixen lurking inside along with the inner cynic and inner dork. It's oddly foreign to describe myself as a vixen (with a straight face no less), but Jen & Max found one somewhere with their lens'. I wanted to broaden people's views on what and who could be viewed as sexy, and with the help of everyone at the studio it was a mission well accomplished.

©2013 Breathless Boudoir | Jen & Max Trombly(This next part made me laugh out loud.) If you were to recommend us to your best friend, what would you say?

Do it! Do it now! Do it yesterday! Don't wait until it's a valentines or pre wedding gift for the guy in your life, do it for you. Every girl should skip high school & college graduation photos, and do this instead.

©2013 Breathless Boudoir | Jen & Max TromblyKaty's full testimonial:

 From the moment you get there, the focus is on you but not so much that you feel like a bug under a microscope. And can I please live in a world where everyday I only have to get up and brush my teeth because someone else is going to do my hair and make up? You're going to be nervous (less so once things get started) and feel silly. That's okay. Don't let that take over having fun though. It's okay to stop and laugh. Somehow it's a lot less awkward taking clothes off in front of people you just met with a camera than strangers at a doctors office. It's because they don't just point a camera at you and say go. They give direction, and ask your opinion, and move around and hum with the music. They're nice, real people. Things are going to feel over the top, but if a man can strike a sexy pose less than two feet from his wife then you can at least try to imitate it. The session feels like five minutes but at the same time I was so surprised when it was over that something so amazing only took an hour and a half. Then after your shipped off to lunch you come back to see the pictures. It's nice that they take out all the eyes closed, in mid-sneeze looking shots before showing them to you. I stared at the screen wondering how that could be me. You're not so made up and photoshopped that you don't look like yourself. It's was me, but the me I pictured in my head when trying to channel sexy. Seeing visual proof of that mental image is 400% better than expected. You're pretty much going to want every single picture. Also, schedule something to go do after the shoot because you leave feeling like a million bucks, you're all dolled up, and you're dying to tell someone what just happened.

©2013 Breathless Boudoir | Jen & Max Trombly ©2013 Breathless Boudoir | Jen & Max TromblyHair by Chey Cheveux Makeup by Verde Beauty Studios

For more work and to book your boudoir session, go to our website at breathlessboudoir.com or call 225-571-3668

Rediscovering Beauty | Baton Rouge Boudoir

©2013 Breathless Boudoir | Jen & Max Trombly"I don't think many of us realize how often we look at ourselves in the mirror without really seeing ourselves.  I put on makeup every day and see eyes, nose, lips, a belly that I think is too big... but this experience showed me an image of myself as a complete individual.  The photos captured a spark that's in me, that I had forgotten I have.  If a picture is worth a thousand words, that remembrance is worth a thousand pictures."  -Sarah I couldn't have said it better myself.  We don't truly see ourselves as others see us when we look into the mirror or at a photograph.  We always see what we perceive as "flaws" first.  Our eyes go straight to that stomach pouch, or the cellulite that has accumulated on our thighs over the years (when did that get there?!).

That's where boudoir photography comes in.  We focus on accentuating your best assets while minimizing what you perceive as flaws.  We give you the chance to see yourself as others see you.  For some, it may be the very fist time they truly "SEE" themselves.  Especially with clients who have reached a major weight loss or fitness goal.  If you're used to being a significant amount heavier, a lot of times it's hard to see the progress you've made without critiquing your physique.  A lot of women (men as well) still see the overweight version of themselves even though that person doesn't exist anymore.  It's such an amazing feat to be able to sit across from someone who has never seen themselves and watch them re-discover their beauty.



©2013 Breathless Boudoir | Jen & Max Trombly©2013 Breathless Boudoir | Jen & Max Trombly©2013 Breathless Boudoir | Jen & Max Trombly©2013 Breathless Boudoir | Jen & Max Trombly©2013 Breathless Boudoir | Jen & Max Trombly Hair: Chey Cheveux Makeup: Verde Beauty Studio

We couldn't contain the tears...

©2013 Breathless Boudoir | Jen & Max Trombly"Oh my God" she said, then a sharp intake of air.  A sniffle from Max.  I knew the waterworks were knocking on my eyelids.  Karen had her hands to her face almost the whole time she was seeing her photos for the first time.  As she wiped her eyes my tears spilled over.  I glanced at Max to see him wiping away tears as well. ©2013 Breathless Boudoir | Jen & Max TromblyIt. Was. Intense.

Karen came to us with an amazing weight loss story.  She's a 40 year old mother of 2 and has lost 98lbs!  THAT... is life changing!  Not only did she look absolutely incredible, but she was a wonderful person.  It felt like we had been friends forever!

The day after her session she sent us this email, and the waterworks started all over again!!

"Hello Jen and Max....
I cannot begin to tell you how amazing y'all made me feel! I have wanted to do boudoir photos for several years, and my experience with y'all far exceeded anything I could have ever imagined.   From the moment that my appointment was booked, to the minute I walked in the door of your studio, I was so very excited about my session!  I honestly did not have the slightest idea how very different I would be when my shoot was over and I had seen myself from your side of the camera! The hair, the makeup, the music, the posing....I truly felt like a supermodel.  Both of you made me so comfortable! I was not nervous at all! It was so much fun!  When I returned to the studio to see my pictures, I was completely in awe! The first image of me appeared, and it was breathtaking.  I was absolutely beautiful!  As each new picture came on the screen, I was awed even more.  I cannot say enough times how amazing I felt, and even more about how your photos made me look.  I am still speechless, and every time I tell somebody about my experience, I get choked up and my eyes well up with tears.  I am eternally grateful to the both of you for giving me the opportunity to do this.  My life is forever changed by my experience with the two of you and my session at your studio. Every woman should experience that at least once in their life! I am so proud to be a Breathless Boudoir client!!
Grateful, speechless, and in love with my pictures!"
©2013 Breathless Boudoir | Jen & Max Trombly©2013 Breathless Boudoir | Jen & Max Trombly
It took a lot of trust and vulnerability for Karen to be able to open up to us, and that means the world to us. Intimacy is something we keep hidden in the bedroom, so it takes soo much bravery to be able to show that to a couple who you just met.
But like I said, we had already been friends forever from the moment we met.
It's really an amazing feeling to be able to give that gift to women.
Now it's your turn, what are you waiting for?  Let's chat!  225-571-3668
With love always,
©2013 Breathless Boudoir | Jen & Max Trombly

3 Ways to Look and Feel Sexy | by: Imperfect Women

3 Ways to Look and Feel Sexy

Women today face a lot of pressure to look good. With the all of the preconceived perceptions of how a person should look, it only gets harder and harder for a girl to appreciate her own body. However, often the best way to look sexy is to work from the inside out. It is hard to look sexy, if you do not feel sexy. How you feel is reflected in how you dress. If you are confident in yourself and your body, it will show through in the way that you look. With that in mind, here are some ways in which you can try your best to look and feel sexy.

Dress Sexy

Breathless Boudoir

Let’s get this one out of the way first, because although it may seem obvious, the best way to feel confident and sexy is to be comfortable in the clothes that you wear. This does not mean that you have to spend hundreds of dollars on expensive clothing and accessories. What it means is that you should treat yourself every once in awhile. There are plenty of affordable sexy dresses for women online to shop for. Concentrate on buying clothes that you like, but that suit your body type. Clothes cannot make up for a total lack of confidence, but put on that new dress you’ve been admiring, and you will be surprised with the difference in how you feel.

Do What you Want to Do

What you do does not define you, but it can go a long way towards helping you to be happy. If you are not happy with the path that your professional life is taking, maybe it is time for a rethink. Success breeds confidence, and confidence is sexy. The best way to be successful is by doing something that you love.

Let Go!

The final tip is this: let go! You may feel weighed down by the pressure of expectations, but the only person who can make you feel unsexy is you. Let go of any negative ideas about yourself or your body. Once you realize that being sexy comes from a choice rather than the way that you look, you will be able to achieve it, and it will be there for all to see.

NOW: What is YOUR sexy?

We want to hear from YOU!  What defines your sexy?  What is it that makes you feel your ultimate sex appeal?  It could be landing that awesome promotion, sexy lingerie or your favorite pair of "power" heels, red lipstick (that's my personal sexy).  Comment below to let us know what it is that makes you tick... or sizzle, should we say?  You may even find some inspiration from others!

About the Author: Paisley Hansen is a freelance writer and expert in health and beauty. When she isn’t writing she can usually be found reading a good book.

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