Booking for Afton, Virginia

Please contact me here for bookings in boutique hotels or outside of Virginia.

**I typically book 1-2 months in advance and only take a maximum of 8 sessions a month. Booking early is highly recommended!** 

The Experience.

From the moment you book your shoot I will work with you to create a boudoir experience that fits who you are and what your going for. I won't put you in my box of what I think boudoir photography is, I'll work with you to find out what makes sense for your personality. We'll start with a questionnaire when you book your shoot, and through a consultation, together we'll plan your wardrobe around what makes you feel sexy. This could be an oversized t-shirt and cotton undies, matching bra & panty set, or nothing at all!  

On the day of your shoot, you don't have to worry about a thing. All you have to do is show up and leave the rest to me.  You'll have an hour to relax and get used to the space while you're having your hair and makeup done by one of my top quality artists. When she's finished with your makeup, she'll leave us so that we have privacy for your shoot. There's never anyone else present during your shoot unless you decide to do a couple's boudoir shoot, or a shoot on the same day as a friend. You'll bring three outfits (an "outfit" doesn't have to be clothes, a nude set can count as an outfit) and I'll guide you through poses that fit the look you're going for. You don't have to know how to pose on your own! Once we're finished with the shoot portion of your experience, we'll take an hour break while I prepare the photos for you to see. This is a good time for you to grab a bite to eat. When you come back you'll get to choose your photos and products, and place your order.  

The whole experience will take about 4 hours.  


But you're nervous...

I totally get it. I know what a lot of you are thinking, "What am I getting myself into?!" I get that. I've been a boudoir photographer for 10 years and have made a point of doing my own boudoir photoshoot regularly so that I never forget the jittery feeling that you might be feeling right now. And you know what? It never goes away for me! I'm nervous every. single. time. I'm in front of the camera. I've come to realize that being nervous is actually a good part of the process! It's on the edge of our comfort zone where transformation can occur! If we weren't nervous about big things, then they wouldn't be life changing. Overcoming the nerves and pushing yourself out of your comfort zone is the part that can create lasting change in you. 

I highly recommend feeling into those feelings of discomfort. If you like to write, journal about it. Talk to your friends about it. Open up and be vulnerable with yourself and, if it feels right, with others that you can trust with your vulnerability.  If you don't have anyone you feel like you can talk to about it, talk to me. We'll set up a consultation and have a chat over the phone or with video. I won't push you into anything you're not ready for, it'll be no pressure. 

Just don't let your feelings of nervousness stand in your way of doing this experience. Be brave!  

When you're ready...

Use the order form below to book your shoot.  This is for shoots at my studio in Afton, VIRGINIA ONLY!  For shoots in hotels or outside of Virginia contact me through this form. If you have more questions or want to learn more, check out my FAQs page. You can also contact me here or at 434-253-5167.  

Or! Schedule a pre-shoot consultation!

Want to chat before making the jump? Use this link to schedule a time with me for a video, in-person, or phone consultation.