Wild Woman Fire Gathering
April 6-7, 2019
Afton, VA


Long ago, we hear tell of a Wild Woman/Goddess Culture…

A time when women’s primal and powerful gifts of femininity, sensuality, and connection were foundational pillars of the community. When paintings, statues, and sketches of women’s naked bodies adorned the most prized of visual locations, a shameless and sacred form of worship.

Did the sensual sound of drum beats regularly shake the nights with the fullest of moons shining down upon vibrant and joyous sisterhood gatherings?


The flames of ceremonial fire danced and caressed these wild women's bodies that writhed, swayed, and spiraled around it, a hint of what pleasures they might bestow.

These divine goddesses knew pleasure for themselves first and foremost, their body and its gifts being their life study and gift to those around them. 

A woman who knows and owns herself in every way is a force unstoppable. One who raises those around her to new levels of success, love, and wisdom.

Do you feel that woman deep under the surface of your soul?

Can you hear the drums echo with the beating of your heart in primal cadence?

The time of forgotten goddess gifts is nearing its end, are you ready to remember yourself?

My Wild Woman Sister, we've got exactly the weekend experience for you!

Join us for the Wild Woman Fire Gathering!!!

Join international Boudoir Photography sensations, Jen Fox & Star Newman (coming all the way from Alberta, Canada!), along with Women's Sensual Liberator and Educator, Tabitha Jester, for a two-day Wild Woman Bonfire Gathering in the stunning wilds of the Virginia Woodlands!

During this two-day event, Tabitha will be facilitating a journey towards fiercely loving yourself, your sensual nature, AND the wild women around you.

Explore group and solo exercises geared towards helping you tap into your primal sensuality; release shame, anxiety, and harsh views towards yourself; and accept the invitation to be seen, heard, and loved by a sisterhood like no other.

The evening closes with a festive bonfire celebration and outdoor boudoir photoshoot with Jen and Star to capture and immortalize you at your most primal, powerful, and connected.

Are you ready for your own Wild Woman Remembrance?

**(Space is very limited)**


Even when women do not know her by name, even when they do not know where she resides, they strain toward her: they love her with all their hearts. They long for her, and that longing is both motivation and locomotion. It is this yearning that causes us to search for Wild Woman and find her. It is not as hard as one might first imagine, for Wild Woman is searching for us too.
— Women Who Run With the Wolves: Myths and Stories of the Wild Woman Archetype by Clarissa Pinkola Estés, Ph.D.

April 6-7, 2019
Afton, Virginia

We wanted this experience to be super fun, casual, and connection oriented, so we’ve set everything up to be like a slumber party with your best friends! There will be plenty of private time for those who love connection, but also need some solo time to decompress.

Here’s the down-low of the event specifics…

As this is a brand new and exclusive event, we’re offering this for the one-time registration intro pricing of $300**. Space is limited to 10 participants so we can ensure an intimate gathering and powerful experience for each Wild Woman attending.

**future gatherings will start at $1,500**

Your registration fee includes:

  • Access to the 2-day event

  • Lodging for one night

  • All meals & snacks

  • A group and solo bonfire boudoir shoot

  • 11x14 print of your choice

  • Digital copies of the group event photos

  • Opportunity to purchase more of your individual photos in a book or as wall art

  • A powerful and intimate sisterhood of amazing women

Lodging is in Jen’s gorgeous home on 10 private acres with a variety of bedding arrangements available. First come, first serve on private rooms and beds for an additional $25 fee (if you have a physical need for a bed/specific sleeping arrangement please contact us immediately after registering). For the more nature-connection minded Wild Woman, camping is an option, and there is also a great room that can accommodate many air mattresses and cozy pallets for those who choose to remain indoors, slumber party style.

(Below is a video of Jen’s property, it was shot before we bought the place so don’t judge me on the color combinations!)

Meals will be provided on site and are included in your reservation fee! Flavorful, simple, fresh, and group prepared (many hands make for merry work!), we’re embodying sacred rituals through food and loving preparation. This is incredibly powerful for healing and deepening our primal connection with food and its impact on our bodies. If you have special dietary needs, please indicate that upon registration so we can get you taken care of!

The Bonfire Boudoir Shoot is going to be magic AND will meet you at your comfort level. It’ll be an evening experience and will last as long as we keep adding fuel to the fire! There will be photography of the group, as well as time where you’ll be taken aside for personal photos all by your glorious self.

Jen and Star will be magicians readying your images overnight, and the following morning there will be a group unveiling where you’ll be able to swoon over yourselves and select the images you want to keep and print.

So go ahead and start envisioning the you that’s been seeking her freedom and expression... What would she dress like for her very own immortalizing capture? Wanna boldly bare all and only wear shadows and flame??? Please do, Dragon Queen! Want to wear a flowing skirt and feathers in your hair? Ohhhh yes, Wild Woman, do it! Or maybe a sexy gown or lingerie… Lace, leather, form fitted or flowing, express yourself shamelessly, Goddess!

~Rock your personal flavor, this is for YOU to reclaim and capture your authentic self!!!~

This is what your inner Wild Woman has been longing for.
Don’t miss this chance to set her free!

 ©2016 Jen Trombly | Breathless Boudoir