Do you want to know how I do what I do?

I offer in-person mentoring sessions
starting at $3,000*

Nothing is off limits, seriously. I have no secrets (well…. maybe just that one about that time…never mind). I’m an open book when it comes to how I run my business. I’m all about industry camaraderie over competition. We can plan a model session, talk about how to price your work, business automation so you can have your life back, and whatever you want to talk about. We’ll do a phone consultation first to see what areas of your business you would benefit you most to work on.

BONUS: You get a mini shoot so you can see what it’s like to be in front of the camera! Then I’ll show you what my in-person sales session is like. I’ll be sure to get a headshot for you to use on your website.

*Includes overnight accommodations if you’re coming from out of town (or if you just want to have a slumber party).

Is a few hours on video chat more your jam?

We can blow your business mind from the comfort of your home. You don’t even have to wear pants!* This includes a follow-up consultation to see how you’re doing with what you’ve learned.

*The general consensus among photographers is that pants are not required on our “work from home” days.

Just want to dip your toe in?

Do you pretty much have all your ducks in a row but you just have a couple of burning questions? Or do you want to see if we’re a good fit before diving in on the in-person mentoring session? This would be perfect for you!