My experience with Jen was enthralling and life changing. It brings out a whole new side of you and changes your views of yourself.
— Savana


A message from your photographer...

I'm Jen Fox, a Virginia Boudoir Photographer just west of Charlottesville. I've been passionate about helping women to transform their lives for nearly a decade. My goal in life is to empower YOU to see your own beauty. Boudoir photography allows me to do that by giving you a chance to embrace your sensual side in a safe, judgement free environment.

I KNOW that this experience will shift your perspective of yourself, and I know that you're most likely nervous about a million things... Who is this boudoir photographer and will we get along? Will I feel comfortable? What if I look terrible? What will I wear? I can't afford this....

I understand where you're coming from. Just call me and we'll have a no-pressure chat!      

Jen Fox | 434-253-5167

Or click the button below to learn a little bit more about who I am and why I do what I do.  


I had been so critical of myself, seeing all of my flaws, that I missed my true beauty. Doing a boudoir session has completely changed the way I look at myself. I have a new found confidence and appreciation for my body.
— Kim

It’s easy to get lost in life but you helped me begin to find me again. Thank you so much for making me feel comfortable and helping me find the beauty within myself! You reminded me that I am a woman worthy of doing things for myself and my shoot with Breathless Boudoir was the beginning of a journey that I am so excited to experience!
— Jen

Every time I tell somebody about my experience, I get choked up and my eyes well up with tears. I am eternally grateful to you for giving me the opportunity to do this. My life is forever changed by my experience. Every woman should experience that at least once in their life! I am so proud to be a Breathless Boudoir client!!
— Karen

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