Love is in the air with this couple's boudoir session!

Max and I had the honor of photographing Amy & Jeff for their couple's boudoir session.  It seriously could not have been more perfect!  The love they have for each other was so clearly evident in the way they did everything together.  The way he helped her dress/undress, the way they looked at each other, the way they kissed.... swoon!  Couples like Amy & Jeff are so inspiring!

Amy sent us this email after receiving their album, it really made my night to read it!  We live for moments like these!

OMG! Jen and Max, you are amazing! The album is...the pictures are....there are no words! Beautiful does not even come close to describing what I think of them! They are gorgeous, yes...but they are so much more than that.
When I look thru the album, not only do I remember how much FUN we had that day, but I can a way i never have...WHY Jeffrey and I are so good together. From the sensuous to the playful, each picture is a physical testament to what we feel for each other. It's there in every single frame. Every one reminded me...or maybe PROVED to me....that we are more than lovers; we are friends.
I cannot say thank you enough for the experience of a lifetime! When I first booked the shoot, I was planning for some sexy fodder that would spice up our infinite text conversations. What I ended up with, is a timeless work of art that I will proudly show anyone who has the balls to be curious about it.
I consider it some of the most well-spent wages I have ever earned. Again...thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


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