Boudoir & Erotic photography in New Orleans

Rendezvous in the city of Sin - Meet me in New Orleans

Do you ever

long to leave everything behind? To get away from the drudgery of work and errands and responsibilities in order to indulge in desires you hardly ever dare whisper aloud?

The Crescent City’s wanton soul is electric.

You cannot walk its streets without feeling the titillating touch of its warm air and savory smells. Its heady jazz is intoxicating, and I dare you to walk the city without hiking your dress a little higher, swaying and sweating to a late night beat that seems to emanate from within the cobblestones themselves.

There is magic here.

A current that pulses with a fierce sensuality that cannot be contained within its glorious architecture. In this place of change and rebirth, there is nothing the city does not see or accept. Here, you are whiskey. You are absinthe. You are both fire and smoke, and no amount of clothes will be able to mask your scorching skin.

And why try to hide at all?

Let it go. Expose yourself. Offer New Orleans what you are scarcely ever able to offer the outside world - your truth laid bare. Let the camera tell your story as you unlock the shackles of your inhibition. This is not a place for secrets, but of revelation. You are a goddess, and every piece of art in the city worships you.

Have a lover you want to share your fantasies with? Bring him. Bring her. Explore the light and shadows your bodies can create together. This is your moment, and you alone decide who gets to witness it.

Will you do it?

Will you step away from everything comfortable in order to dare to be who you want to be? In order to let yourself feel as beautiful as this indomitable city ravished by floods? The answer lies within you already. Let the music of the streets fuel you. This is New Orleans. And you are oh so gloriously you.

DATES: March 19 & 20, 2018 CLICK HERE to message me and reserve your spot. 


New Orleans Boudoir Photography & Testimonial

"Every woman should do Boudoir AT LEAST once. EVERY WOMAN. Sexuality is, and always has been such an important part of who I am, but I always felt like it wasn’t okay to express it unless I looked a certain way. In a way, I was in hiding. And my heart breaks for all other beautiful women who feel inhibited by shame or guilt because they feel like they don’t look the “part.” Once I realized I will never look like American culture tells me I should, I started to allow myself to experience what sensuality feels like in my own, unique body. And it is that allowing of experiencing and expressing that is more liberating than I have words to describe. Working with Jen is so profound for this reason. She puts you at ease and is extremely established in her craft, so you get the sense that everything is taken care of and you can just have some fun! At this point you are able to come out of hiding and say, “Hello world, Here I am in all my glorious me-ness!!!” So not only do you get that visceral experience of what it feels like to express yourself sensually, but after the fact when you see the pictures, you see yourself in a way you never imagined. You realize, “Hey, I’ve been sexy all along! Look at my curves how beautiful they look bathed in light!!” I truly hope more women experience working with Jen!!! And learn how to fall in love with their bodies. It is a powerful thing reflecting on this session, and realizing how important of an event it is for my journey towards self love and acceptance."


TRAVEL NOTICE: Destin, Florida Beach Boudoir, Baton Rouge, & Bali

Hello my lovelies!  I just wanted to post this quick travel notice to let you all know where I'll be for upcoming shoots.  If you're looking for an adventurous shoot, pick the Destin or Bali location and let's plan some magic! July 5-8 - Destin Florida, Beach Boudoir

July 22-24 - Baton Rouge, Louisiana

August 29-31 - Baton Rouge, Louisiana

November 6-18 - Bali, Indonesia

In between these dates I'll be doing shoots in Washington DC, Charlottesville & Richmond, Virginia.  (and wherever else the wind takes me).

Coming to New Orleans in February!!!



Boudoir sessions will be available in New Orleans February 5-10.  Call now to book your date, or fill out the form below.  MAKE SURE you enter your email address correctly so I can get back to you! Sessions are limited to what you see above, I'll try to keep this up to date as much as possible but I'll be traveling for the next month.  Helloooo SUNSHINE!

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New Orleans Boudoir - November Shoots


The boudoir session will include professional makeup and hair styling from Verde Beauty Studio.  When you first arrive at the shoot location (the gorgeous Loft Studios Nola) we'll go through your outfits and decide what you're going to wear and what kind of look you're going for (I'll send you an email on how to prep for this).  Then you'll sit back and relax for about an hour while you sip on wine and have your hair and makeup done.  Once the artist is finished working her magic, she'll pack up and leave so that it's just me and you for your shoot.  I'll guide your through poses that are flattering for you body type and fit your personality.  You don't have to know how to do a thing, I'll direct you from you fingers to your toes!  Once we're done with the shoot, we'll take an hour break so I can prepare your photos.  When you come back, you'll get to see your gorgeous photos the same day and decide what you want to do with them.
Most of my clients prefer one of my fine art books (hand made with leather covers) and at least one piece of wall art as a reminder of the experience. My clients typically spend between $2,000-$3,500 on products, just to give you an idea of what to expect.  I offer payment plans as well at no additional charge.  The session cost is $450 and covers the hair & makeup and is due up front to hold your date.

The fastest way to book your session is to call us. This way we can get your payment info and decide on a date.  225-571-3668.  My name is Jen, give me a call and let’s chat about your session!  You can also fill out this contact form below:

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New Orleans Boudoir coming in August!

Helloooooo my sweet southern gals!

I'll be back to my original stomping grounds in August!  Half the sessions are already booked, but I still have a few left so I thought I'd make a post and let you guys know about it!  These shoots will take place at the MOST FABULOUS New Orleans boudoir photography studio, Loft Studios Nola <--- (click it to see!).  Gorgeous exposed brick, flowing sheer fabric and a vintage couch are just a few of the things that make this studio so spectacular.  Not to mention light that is just to die for!!!  Below are a few photos from some lovely ladies that I photographed there last time.

I can't wait to be back!

breathless_boudoir_new_orleans_11 breathless_boudoir_new_orleans_37 breathless_boudoir_new_orleans_39 breathless_boudoir_new_orleans_53 breathless_boudoir_new_orleans19 breathless_boudoir_new_orleans28 breathless_boudoir_new_orleans34 breathless_boudoir_new_orleans35

Ready to book your New Orleans boudoir shoot?  Fill out the form below!

New Orleans Boudoir Booking:

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Athena, roller derby goddess

Athena is one of those women who's name has been chosen for her perfectly.  She embodies fierce, sexy femininity while maintaining strength.  She came all the way from San Antonio, TX (thanks to House of Lounge for posting our special!) We had an amazing session with her and it ended too soon!  Before it was over, I think she may have talked Tina, our makeup artist (Verde Beauty) into joining roller derby.  There's just something about strong women that's so sexy!Athena_before_after Breathless Boudoir, new orleans Breathless Boudoir, new orleans Breathless Boudoir, new orleans Breathless Boudoir, new orleans Breathless Boudoir, new orleans Breathless Boudoir, new orleans Breathless Boudoir, new orleans